My passion for music began at a young age when I joined the philharmonic orchestra of Krinides in Greece as a trumpet player. Gradually, I started playing various instruments such as the piano and the guitar. Consequently, I followed musical studies at the Ionian University in Corfu from which I graduated with specialisation in Music Composition. In conjunction with the above, I acquired my Harmony Degree from the Conservatory of Thrakes as well as my Counterpoint Degree from the Conservatory of Corfu. My previous work experience includes recording and producing various music genres, composing music for dance and theater performances, teaching music theory, guitar and various music software to children and adults, as well as performing in classical and rock concerts. During my undergraduate studies, as I have met very inspirational and influential people such as my recording engineer and music production professor Dionisis Batjakis, I realised that I enjoy listening to music more than playing or composing myself. That is how I discovered my love for Music Production and decided to carry on my studies with a Masters degree in Music Production at the University of York. Throughout the years, I had the privilege to work in various Music Productions from studio-based to churches and concert halls. For further details, you can always refer to the MUSIC tab.

Music Producer